Benefits of Emergency Response Management Online

By Catherine Chastain

There have been a lot of changes to dentistry regulations. A couple of those being that dental practices will now have to be inspected annually and that dental practices offering any kind of sedation must have their faculty trained to manage emergencies that may arise from any complications, including those involved with the sedation of a patient. The American Dental Association has put forth the requirement that dental practices must have this annual training. The specifics can be found in each individual state’s rules and laws.

There are several companies that offer in-person in-office trainings. However, there are benefits of our online training:

Firstly, with an in-person training you’ll have to shut down your office for a time in order to do the training. This loses time you have with patients, and time that you can better spend with your business and your faculty.

Secondly, you can keep your staff up to date. With the new inspections of dental practices, all faculty must have training in emergency procedures. With our online course, you can make sure your current staff, temporary staff, and any new hires are already up to date with their training. That way you are ahead of the game. With in-person courses, you may have to wait until an instructor has free time, which can be months in advance.

Thirdly, an online course is self-paced. Along with 2 credit hours of continuing education credits, your staff will gain knowledge of commonplace dental emergencies as well as the not so common. This means whenever your dental practice has some downtime, your staff can work on this course. In relation to the first benefit, this also means that you are not having to shut down your office for your staff to be trained in this required matter.

Lastly, our online course is more cost effective than an in-person course. While in-person courses can cost upwards of $500 USD, our course is only $59 USD a person and meets all the requirements set forth by each state.


  1. Focus on patients. No need to close your office for a day of training.
  2. Easily keep your staff up-to-date with annual training and new-hire training.
  3. Self-paced study can be done in the office during down-time and practitioner vacations.
  4. More cost-effective than having a live training event.

Our online course can benefit your practice in ways that surpass an in-person course. If you’d like to know more or have any specific questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected].